Sales Post (Updated April 2013)

Please take a look here (click on the banner~!) for a more comprehensive system!


1) I accept Paypal (fees borne by buyer) and bank wire transfer (local buyers)
2) I ship international from Singapore. Feel free to discuss your options with me and request a quote. Once everything's settled I'll have the item(s) out by the week!
3) Holds are okay, if you have reasons.
4) Haggling welcome!
5) Minimum purchase of $5.
6) Prices quoted are in USD.
7) If you would like more photos, don't hesitate to ask :)
8) Pickup items - I will pick them up from the stores after payment.

Artbooks / Doujin Books

Gemeaux Kise Ryota Photography Collection Doujin Art Book (48 pages) (B5) - $22



Natsume Yuujinchou Doujin Illustration Compilation with 2 Postcards - $11
10 Double sided printed Sheets depicting events in the storyline of Natsume Yuujinchou (and 3 information sheets)
Beautiful watercolour. Chinese Fanwork


Our That Night Magi Fanbook - $10


<---Haha Sinbad XD

Tales Of Carnival Fanbook - $22


Madoka Magica Doujin - Witch/Stay Night by Zettai Ryouki Shoujo (B5) - $22
Includes short black and white manga on Charlotte


Kimi to Boku Watercolour Illustrations (B5) - $19


Through The Looking-Glass Alice in Wonderland Illustration Compilation by RA - $22


Youth Club Illustrations of School Art Collection - $24 (both books)


HE Chinese Doujin Book Various Artists - $9


Misc Official Products (Plush, Straps, Keychains, Figures)

Reimu Hakurei Touhou Illustrated Clearfile - $9

Marisa Kirisame Touhou Illustrated Clearfile - $9

Macross Frontier Fortune Chara Keychain Straps - Klan Klang - $6

Vocaloid Graphig Mascot Keychains
Miku (Bird), Luka, Meiko - $6.50
Kaito, Miku (Snow) - $7.50

Rilakkuma, Chocopa, Korilakkuma Rubber Straps - $6 ea

Starry Sky Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - $4

Chibi Tora Big Xmas Plush (~45cm tall!) - $45

Kyubey Super DX Plush UFO Catcher Prize - $32
Approx 25cm tall

Kuroko no Basket Postcard Set - $9

Kuroko no Basket Postcards - $1.80 each

Natsume Yuujinchou Seasons Fan Postcard Set: $6

2013-01-27 00.50.32
Natsume Yuujinchou Fan Postcard Set
Top row - $2 each
Bottom row - $1.80 each
All four for $6



I have discovered taobao! So chinese origins do help out sometimes. Only problem is that we still have to go through a proxy even though taobao offers international treatment because they forgot that their payment options only encompass china. Darn it.

On the other hand it's still ridiculously cheap. Bootlegs too. But everything's made in china now that the bootlegs are about 5 times cheaper and just as good. No complaints from me! :)
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Some Kind of Update

Recently began collecting various merchandise. I'll get to selling and trading in the communities eventually, but for now, I have exams to tackle.

I've also taken to writing down random blurbs when I have my laptop on hand. It serves as excellent entertainment when I finally come to review them days/months/years later. Today is a far cry from yesterday.

On another hand it seems that my chinese teacher actually has a high opinion of me. Haha.
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Require another 12 chinese essays and 6 english ones. Surprisingly I managed 3 essays a day for consecutive two days. Amazing stuff, considering I procrastinated on these for an entire semester....!
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Magi Labyrinth of Magic

Anime at last, and surprisingly, not long after I picked it up.

The beginning was kind of different, but I guess it works. Get to Balbadd quick and no one will complain afterwards! But it was a little irk-worthy to see Morgianna appear so early and have a part in a scene in which she had almost no importance whatsoever. Wrong impression ><

Gah, celebrate anyway! Aladdin's voice is a bit squeaky but I'll get used to it.

next episode next episode quick quick quick-

Weirdly enough, Alibaba takes centre stage! :D
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I should set my priorities straight, really.

I've decided that a collector's mindset is very damaging to the wallet. I should stop that, too.

I should stop being lazy. For one, it ruins a possibly happier future.

But oh god. Immediate gratification is always so worth it.

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Empty Space

For the sake of filling up empty space, and to convince myself that this journal shall actually remain for longer than a month, here is another post!

Just to substanciate this I shall attach a picture.



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